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Dec 11, 2012 4:30am PST
at the lake. >> oh my goodness, okay. >> reporter: paula lane would be taken to a hospital in carson city, 36 miles away. doctors say most of her recovery emotional. george warren, abc7 news. >>> tomorrow we are asking you to help make this holiday season brighter for our neighbors in need. kicking off the abc7 share your holiday food drive. tomorrow meet the news team as we broadcast from around the bay area taking donations. for the location nearest you go to if you with would like to meet kristen or cheryl jennings try coming out. >> heaviest of the rain over by 5:00 tomorrow morning. the longer you can wait to see us, the better off you will be. good morning. coming up on 4:48. embarcadero dry, breezes are light as palm trees are holding still as most flags. doppler is dry, sitting, waiting for that next storm to move in from the northwest, it will get it even when its 150 miles out we will see it before it gets to your neighborhood. clouds and fog north bay valleys, central valley rain now moving from seattle down to the north bay better part of 13 to 14 hours fast moving s
Dec 27, 2012 4:30am PST
are cheating, you told her. >> educated guess. [ laughing ] [ talking over each other ] >> i want a recount. >> 4:45. >>> embarcadero with the lights on beautiful drive into the city when you can see this especially against the backdrop of dry weather which is what we have. cloud cover stubborn kept temperatures up and frost from forming in many areas. let's talk about temperatures 40 livermore and fairfield, 41 concord. 42 napa. 43 san jose everybody else mid to upper 40s, half moon bay 50. 50 monterey, everybody else in the upper 30s to mid 40s around the bay and inland. brighter and dry today, light rain possible tomorrow and lingering showers saturday, very, very small storm, moisteÑ starved storm may be a better way to say it, dry pattern more than one day, sunday through tuesday. high pressure is dominating our weather. a lot of moisture in the middle parts of the atmosphere, as this high moves in and takes over today, we won't have rain and we'll have mostly sunny conditions. by tomorrow evening, we are starting to see steadier rain develop, we'll have sprinkles tomorrow morning thr
Dec 10, 2012 4:30am PST
. >>> this phaoeurpbg judge expected to sentence the union city woman convicted of killing michelle le. sentencing laws require giselle esteban to spend a minimum 25 years in prison after a jury convicted her in october. prosecutors say she killed le in a jealous rain. >>> new word that the pregnant duchess of cambridge has tan a dramatic turn. big announce -- has taken a dramatic turn and the big announcement that just came down on the deejays. >> reporter: australian radio network cancelled the show responsible for the prank targeting princess kate and they are expressing deep regret following the death of the nurse who took a call from the two. we know by now, the deejays impersonated the keen and prince charles. they received confidential details about -- about kate's condition from nurse jacintha saldanha three days later she was found dead=c"í= from an apparently suicide. they are speaking out an ing -- apologizing. >>> we are still trying to get our heads around everything trying to make sense of the situation. >> it was never meant to go that far it was men to be a silly prank that so many pe
Dec 3, 2012 4:30am PST
letting us know it is blocking the left lane. wrong way car westbound 80 has been cleared. >>> city leaders may be ready to make major tweak to subway project. the neighborhood that could be the last stop. >>> young cancer patient taken from the hospital by her mother. why police say the search for her is now a race against time. >> good monday morning. live look outside highway 87 in san jose roads dry. also cold. the air out there very chilly. meteorologist mike nicco will check out your forecast. sue will look at your commute. >>> the head of san francisco's muni system wants to silence opposition in north beach to the central subway construction project by extending the line from chinatown into north beach according to a chronicle report. right now the one billion dollar project is slated to run from the south of market area to stock and washington streets the plan includes digging up parts of columbus avenue in north beach so huge subway drilling machines could be stored. they are in protests from nearby merchants. he's recommend being the subway be extended for a new station t
Dec 21, 2012 4:30am PST
through the rest of the bay area mike will tell you where going to hit, shortly. >>> this morning city of berkeley offering $15,000 reward for information to help police solve a murder. you police fond a 50-year-old sgúchan pamela mullins on the sidewalk near her home before midnight december 4th. she was riding her bike>> neighborhood in antioch will get a big boost from pg&e later this morning in an effort to rebuild a play area destroyed by fire.nht1÷ police believe two teenaged boys torched the structure at antioch city park in september. it will cost aboutxxn $25,000 o replace the equipment.ym9iu the community has raised $8500 so far.eíd0 y de building cost, neighbors only de have to come up with another $4,000. >>> in christmas season the 8th grade graduating class at st. peters school has received the police gave the students new sweatshirts. but it wasn't the cold that prompted the gift. >> reporter: on the baske
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5